Live music

We have regular live music, as opposed to regular dead music, sometimes we have irregular live music, very occasionally irregular dead music. There are some occasions when Durango and his talking labrador cannot make saturday nights due to prior engagements (bone related) and on those occasions we have some of london best jazz musicians. On the night when both durango and some of london best jazz musicians cannot make it we have Tractor pulling, yes a tug of war between two powerful tractors. On special nights we have a fly past by the red arrows or a re-enactment of the battle of the bulge. For birthdays we usually have the cast of Eastenders come to sing the favourite refrain for that kind of day.

Regular Live Events

Music IS the regular Event, any night of the week you will find something going on.

In the new year we will be bringing more new acts into the roster of those who are already playing at the junction. If your a musician and fancy a gig come to the tuesday jam session and talk to Luke or Paul about playing here.  As the old joke says, “the moneys good……..there just aint much of it”.