About us

The Junction music bar and café is run by musicians Cris, Luke and Paul.

“By musicians, for musicians” has been mentioned a few time as we have tried to find a suitable space, but the goal was always to provide good food and a wonderful range of beers.

We have all “been or still are” professional musicians and giving ourselves and other musicians a place to play is high on the agenda, Jazz, blues, latin and pop, but the odd night of comedy or theatre may also feature.

The coffee, is made by an extremely flashy machine and only highly trained professionals are allowed in the same room with it.

The beer, Luke is particularly fussy about, must be kept at the ideal temperature, tilted regularly, poured perfectly, and served in a proper glass.

Paul has been drinking wine for long enough to qualify for some sort of award. He picks our wine with care and help from a variety of friends who have the onerous task of being wine “guinea pigs”.